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Using Software Programs in Education: A Student Perspective

Technological advancements have helped to enhance the entire learning experience for students like myself. Companies like Microsoft work long and hard to create programs that are adaptable and flexible to the modern-day classroom and learner. In my experience, these programs have been slowly introduced into my classrooms to help us easily access class resources, complete our assignments and show our learning. Growing up through these developments has shown me how much technology helps me learn.

An application that I have used a lot so far in high school is Microsoft Office 365. With the broad spectrum of readily available applications - like Word, PowerPoint and Excel - Microsoft has grown their platform to work the best within the educational system, in my opinion. Microsoft Office 365 is available on the cloud, so logging in via my Office 365 account means that all applications within my account are linked together, all documents, files, and information shared are also connected and kept under my one account. This help me to keep my plans in order, information organized, and in contact with students and teachers in my classes and school. Whenever I use Office 365, I can access any notes I missed, or information on assignments.

I have also used DP E-Learning, another educational software platform where I am able to see announcements from my teacher, any lessons and/or any rubrics or assignments. One other platform I have used is Google Classroom, which is also very easily accessible. Here I am able to hand in any assignments digitally. I have also learned multimedia skills such as graphic design, and photo and video editing with Adobe. Overall, my experience with all of these platforms so far has helped me to better understand and be more comfortable with using technology. I am able to develop valuable skills through using Microsoft Word and PowerPoint and am able to familiarize myself with the other tools in Office 365.

Technology is a part of my life, so including it in my education was not that hard of a transition for me. I think it makes it easier for teachers to teach lessons because it is available digitally, students can access it over the Internet, and it saves paper since not much photocopying is needed. When teachers adapt to the developing technology now a days, it allows students to grow naturally with technology advancements in their generation. When students have access to classroom laptops or tablets, they are able to also learn how to use certain applications, or code to develop skills in computer science. When students are able to use technology and combine it with the right applications it allows us to learn more.

Using technology in education allows for true potential and progress of skills in each student. When there are new programs developed by companies, students should take advantage of them and learn as much as they can from it and with it.

About the Author:

Ashley Nuguid is a Grade 12 SHSM student from the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board.