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Staff Room Chat - Remote Work & Collaboration

Updated: Mar 31

This morning the #FCLStaffRoom chat webinar series kicked off with a broad discussion around remote work and collaboration.

As a remote organization, the FCL team has tried many different ways to connect and communicate as a team. Throughout that process we have developed best practices and strategies that have elevated our team's productivity and sense of community. Today we shared what that looks like for us:

1. Develop a sense of community, connection, trust and FUN. This can be done by creating time and space to engage with each other as human beings, not just work colleagues. We all do serious work that we feel seriously about, but that doesn't mean we can't mix in some fun.

2. Don't be afraid to fail - take risks and go for it. This means being vulnerable, which can seem daunting. Part of being willing to take risks requires an environment where creatively is encouraged and new ideas welcomed.

3. Keep active and take brain breaks. The team practices this in a variety of ways, some take formal brain breaks throughout the day, while others utilize the 20-20-20 rule.

4. Establish a routine. Set a work schedule and stick to it.

5. Keep the video on! This is a difficult one to get use to, but the impact is huge. Connecting with a face, rather than a blank screen, immediately elevates the level of connection.

6. Remember you're not alone - you have a team to help you. Reach out.

Committing to these practices has established a strong company culture that translates from in-person to online. It took time and establishing a preferred communication channel. For us, that's Microsoft Teams, it has transformed the way we work remotely as a team.

As many school boards and districts plan to embrace a more robust remote learning program, these practices and strategies can act as guideposts, with a few key aspects to keep in mind:

It will be messy! Save time for trouble-shooting and be patient. You will most likely be working with a variety of abilities, both with staff and students. Find those digital leaders, the risk takers and build upon their work.

Set realistic expectations. Decide what you want to accomplish and then lower your expectation! This is unchartered territory for many. Look at any accomplishment as a bonus!

Go with grace and be kind to yourself. When you consider the above points, there is no other way. We're growing and learning in this time, compassion for others and ourselves is the only way.

The conversation continues the rest of the week at 9:30 AM EST. We have lined up industry experts and passionate guest speakers to share their perspectives. We will also be reading the comment thread and responding to your needs, so be sure to join the conversation!

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In the meantime, we'll be making bread!