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Staff Room Chat - Mindfulness and Remote Learning

Updated: Mar 26

The potential of mindfulness as a strategy for enhancing student and classroom outcome has been critical conversation for some time. Our discussion on mindfulness and remote learning, during the #FCLStaffRoom chat today, centred around how teachers can begin to navigate this new reality. How does mindfulness, wellness, and SEL transition and become a part of a remote learning environment? What does integrating the mindfulness practices established in the classroom look like with students at home and virtual spaces? What is the role of the teacher, how do we support our students from afar, through this ambiguity? And finally, where is the easy beginning?

A few common themes have occurred over the last three days of staff room chats; they are great reminders as we continue to make moves in this uncertain time:

1. It will be messy.

2. Anything is something.

3. Community is key.

4. Keep it fun.

As we shared what mindfulness and remote learning look like for us, we also had the opportunity to celebrate the amazing work of our partners, specifically, the WE Teachers Hub. The hub is an online learning platform for educators to access content and support to address critical social issues with your classroom.

Just as important as your student's well-being, is your own. WE Teachers is hosting a free webinar tomorrow evening, March 26th, that takes that into consideration, Mental Well-Being: How Do I Take Care of Myself When So Many Others Are Needing Me? Register for the webinar here.

An additional resource to take away is from our partner Microsoft. In the Educator Center you can find a check-in template form that let's you connect with your students, and provide them with a digital space to practice reflection and self-expression.

At tomorrow's staff room chat we welcome Kim Kirk, Associate Director of Student Success at Seven Generations Education Institute. Kim will share her perspective on Indigenous learning opportunities and address equity and access for all.

You can join us at 9:30 AM EST here.