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Staff Room Chat - Indigenous Perspective

Updated: Apr 3

We welcomed back Kim Kirk today to provide us with an Indigenous perspective, specifically to guide us through the 7 Grandfather Teachings; also referred to as the Seven Sacred Teachings. These teachings are embedded in everything and have a significant role in First Nations culture.

In considering the teachings, Kim grounded us in the general components of wellness, including the mind, body and soul. What other aspects of well-being are important to live a balanced life? From an Indigenous perspective, wellness encompasses all elements of their daily lives. Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual have the same significance and require balance. These four components make up part of the Medicine Wheel, a well-known Indigenous symbol, along with other culture-specific attributes. What is universal is the theme of balance, and interconnetivity; working together to maintain alignment.

The 7 Teachings are prominent in all five schools Kim works with and act as guidelines on how students think and live in the First Nations community:

Wisdom - Live with a vision.

Respect - Go easy on one another.

Love - Love ourselves and each other.

Truth - To speak what we know.

Courage - Try new things.

Humility - Be thankful for what we have.

Honesty - Live correctly.

The Teachings are incorporated into the classroom in simple ways, like making one teaching a focus of the month, and finding ways to integrate it into the classroom. Another way educators can include the Seven Teachings, would be to fill in the medicine wheel with students and see what is lacking; reflecting on ways to find balance, so every element is equal.

Watch the full webinar here:

The following resources were highlighted during the chat to learn more about the 7 Teachings and Indigenous cultures:

Seven Sacred Teachings by David Bouchard

Seven Generations Education Institute

Kim will be back next Thursday to share tips on land-based learning.

You can meet us in the FCL Staff Room Monday-Friday at 9:30 AM EST, join here.