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Staff Room Chat - Indigenous Learning Opportunities

Updated: Apr 2

As most of us shift our focus to what remote learning will look like in this new landscape, there are valuable examples our community can look to for successful remote learning practices. For FCL, the perspective of our friend Kim Kirk, from Seven Generations Education Institute in Fort Frances, is full of rich examples of how to build a remote learning environment based on empowerment, community, and trust. In today's FCL Staff Room chat, Kim shared what she has learned along the way as an educator in remote and rural settings for the past 15 years.

Human connection was emphasized. Face-to-face interaction remains the gold standard in establishing strong relationships, but we can create online spaces that become a new safe place students can count on. Putting students at the centre, making sure they are supported is what matters, not curriculum expectation.

Kim shared the importance of creativity when it comes to supporting remote learning. She does this by tapping into the needs of the community and making connections with their culture. Another important reminder was that this "new normal" will look different for everyone, and access and equity remain a vital challenge. How we bridge the gap and breakdown the digital divide requires ongoing problem solving by all players. What we can do is be kind to ourselves, stay positive, and when we have the chance, celebrate our wins.

The full recording of the webinar is available here:

Kim will be back next week to share more details on embedding the seven teachings into everything, from lessons to how we connect with one another.

Tomorrow, we dive into what inclusion and diversity in adult language learners looks like. The conversation will be lead by Bailey Teeple, an experienced educator with a specialty in teaching English language learners.

Join us at 9:30 AM EST.