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Staff Room Chat - Inclusivity and Diversity in Adult Language Learners

Updated: Apr 2

As today's staff room chat began, Bailey Teeple, an experienced educator with a specialty in teaching English language learners, asked the community to give some thought to the following:

When we consider an equity and diversity voice, who is being represented?

What inclusive and diversity discussions should we be having?

How can we support English language learners, many of whom are parents to our students, and include them at this time?

It can be difficult to look past our own challenges in times of crisis, we must however, be mindful of the inequities that surface. How can we respond as educators?

Bailey shared some ideas:

Validate and value what parents have to offer students in terms of learning.

Be creative! Find ways to include all parents, encouraging them to connect with each other, to share ideas, help with language and offer support.

Remember that parents are a child's first teacher and the expert on the child.

Parents have the capacity to help, regardless of their background.

Look to tools like Microsoft Translator App to ease language barriers.

Celebrate diversity in our classrooms and continue that in an online learning environment.

Always keep the focus on what learners CAN do; this has a powerful impact on how students feel and see themselves.

Watch the webinar here:

A recurring theme throughout the week of staff room chats was community. Building, maintaining and fostering a sense of connection is what really matters. As we venture into the unknown, we are being charged to restore humanity to the classroom (physical or virtual), to make learning real, personal and humane.

We look forward to furthering these meaningful discussion with you next week.

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