• Fair Chance Learning

Staff Room Chat - April 6th-9th

The FCL Staff Room chat continued this week with three amazing webinars.

We started the week of discussing Microsoft Teams with Professor Corinne Hoisington. Corinne offered friends of the chat an overview of Teams: what it is; why we should use and how to get started!

On Tuesday, Mel Mulcaster, Coordinator of Library Support Services with Peel DSB stopped in. Mel shared resources her team has created to engage students and their families in literacy, and the steps the board is taking in this new remote learning environment.

Anyone can access the website Mel co-created, Bringing the LLC Home, and engage in the book activities and templates.

The FCLStaffRoom Chat concluded this week with an indigenous perspective. Kim Kirk led us through a exploration of land-based learning and making connections to curriculum with every day life experiences. Kim also shared easy ways to connect with nature and engage in land-based learning on our own:

We're back next week on Tuesday at 9:30 ET. We'll be exploring Flipgrid in Microsoft Teams. Join us HERE.