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ISTE Recap: Hack the Classroom

As we wind down from the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) conference, we reflect on the incredible lessons we've learned and experiences we've enjoyed. From our announcement that we're The Micro:bit Foundation's partner for Canada to all the wonderful connections we've made with educators and industry experts, there's been one event in particular that has made the greatest impression on us: Hack the Classroom.

Hosted by Microsoft, Hack the Classroom was an exciting live event that showed what's possible when you bring technology into the classroom. This year's Hack the Classroom event brought together thousands of educators from all over the world by live-streaming the event online. Best of all, event's opening keynote was FCL's own Lisa Floyd. Lisa shared her insights on how computer algorithms help solve real-world problems.

"Coding is an example of how we can use computational thinking skills effectively to write algorithms. Yet we must not limit this to solely computer scientists. Every student should have a basic understanding of how technology works and be given an opportunity to contribute to the algorithms that create the software of tomorrow. As educators, we can create a global culture of innovation by blending technology with our imaginations, to maximize the impact of STEM skills" said Lisa Floyd.

Offering the latest tips and tricks to empower students to create the world of tomorrow, Hack the Classroom featured tried and tested classroom hacks from educators, discussions from inspiring thought leaders, and resources.

Watch for the first time, or again (because it was that good), to get inspired and empowered to incorporate new ideas and tools in your classroom.

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