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How I got hooked on to micro:bits

In May 2018, I visited Canada and experienced the Canadian culture and education system first-hand. I got this opportunity through iEARN India and my school (New India School in Pune, India). This is a very unique program, known as sister school program, facilitated by iEARN and conceptualised by our director Dr. Sunita Bhagwat. She is also the director of iEARN India. The two participating sister schools are my school and Wyevale Central Public School in Tiny, Canada. The idea is that students of both schools collaborate and work on a theme-based project, that involves creativity, research and learning, to take a step towards global citizenship. iEARN India organizes many such programs for different countries. Ours was the second batch to go to Canada. Last year the theme was Reduce the Carbon Footprint and this year's theme was Best Out of Waste.

This year, the projects were based on the micro:bit platform. I had never seen a micro:bit and did not know how to program or use it. However, we had an excellent introduction by Jim Carleton. Our group did various micro:bit projects. My first project was a Lucky 8 Ball, which was programmed to give answers like 'no’ ,'yes’, and ‘try again’ when shaken. My next project was a bit trickier as it involved some hardware building from waste and complex coding. The project was to make a RC CD Car, where we enabled two micro:bits to connect with each other via radio waves. One micro:bit was a sender and the other a receiver. I completed the code for myself and for one more group too. Pretty soon I got completely hooked to micro:bit robot building and coding.

The micro:bit kits in Canada are facilitated by Fair Chance Learning an organisation, founded to give every student a fair chance to reach their full learning potential. They truly stand to their motto. They also gifted me two micro:bits, various sensors, wheels, inventor’s kit and a move mini kit. I felt grateful for being gifted the same as well as being praised and appreciated. Thanks Jim, Mali, Martha and every one at Wyevale.

Martha also introduced me to Mr. Stockdale, CEO of the micro:bit foundation and Mr. Smith, micro:bit manufacturer. I am so excited to be connected to all. I love working with micro:bits as they are easy to program, easy to build, as well as have a wide scope of applications.

I am loving it!!

About the Author:

My name is Aarush Shintre, and I live in Pune, India. I am twelve years old and have always have had a crazy attraction towards robots since I was five.

Aarush continues to code and create with the micro:bit. Watch the video below to see how he programmed the micro:bit to interact with his smartphones.

Fair Chance Learning is a proud partner of the Micro:bit Foundation. To learn more about the micro:bit and to learn how to incorporate coding with the micro:bit in your classroom, browse our website or contact us at info@fairchancelearning.com to book your training.

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