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Get coding with the micro:bit!

As the official Canadian learning partner for the Micro:bit Foundation, Fair Chance Learning is proud to offer the micro:bit and micro:bit professional learning for educators who want to incorporate coding in their classrooms.

A quick overview of the micro:bit.

The micro:bit is an educational tool developed specifically to support students and teachers with learning how to code. It is a pocket-sized computer that you can code, customize and control to bring your digital ideas, games and apps to life.

The mico:bit operates using free online software and requires no installation. It is also possible to code offline where internet is not available or reliable. This makes it easy for teachers to set up and accessible for all students.

The micro:bit can be programmed with many devices including Personal Computers (PCs), chromebooks and tablets. It also has programmable buttons and built-in sensors, - a compass, accelerometer and pseudo-light sensor. Its output is in the form of a 5x5 grid of LEDs, each of which can be programmed individually to display information.

It has what Seymour Papert would refer to as a “low floor” for novice coders, as well as a “high ceiling”, as additional inexpensive sensors (compatible with Arduino and Raspberry pi) can be attached to allow for an even wider variety of creations.

The micro:bit is portable, reasonably priced, and offers a range of learning opportunities for students that includes fostering their computational thinking skills through coding and digital making. Most importantly, the micro:bit also offers many potential direct connections to curriculum.

Find out more about the learning outcomes the micro:bit has to offer in the classroom by emailing Fair Chance Learning at info@fairchancelearning.com. We can't wait to see what you and your students will create and learn with the micro:bit!

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