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FCL Staff Room Chat - Flipgrid + Teams Integration

This is a match made in heaven for the FCL team, two of our favourite applications coming together. It's exciting, right!?

Teams is our jam. It's how we communicate and collaborate hourly. FCL wouldn't be able to work as seamlessly and successfully as we do without the platform.

Flipgrid is just plan fun. Beyond that, and perhaps more importantly (wink, wink), it champions student voice and what is more crucial than that. Now and always.

Sharing between the two is smooth, secure and simple to do. Professor Corinne Hoisington ran us through how easily you can be assigning and sharing Flipgrid videos in Teams.

What's great is you can start in Flipgrid and share to Teams or the reverse! The other amazing thing about Flipgrid and Teams is both continuously update and improve. Some new features in Flipgrid Corinne highlighted for us included, you can now record up to 10 minute videos, screen capture and closed captioning is available.

We love the endless resources and inspiration available on Flipgrid.com, and the remote learning tips they have created for students and families to get sharing. This is turning into a love letter! The fact is, Flipgrid has so much value.

Let us know the fun ways you're using Flipgrid with your students and beyond. Be sure to join us in the FCL Staff Room to explore more tips and tricks.

Open 9:30 AM EST, join us HERE.