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Fair Chance Learning and InkSmith Partner to Bring Robotic-driven Learning into Canadian Classrooms

After years of testing and searching for a robot and robotics partner in education, we at Fair Chance Learning are thrilled to announce our partnership with InkSmith for the k8 Modular Robotics Kit. Together we will expand student achievement by integrating robotics into student learning using the k8 robot, and supporting Canadian educators with rich professional development and curriculum resources.

This partnership is a collaboration of two like-minded organizations that share a desire to support educators enhance their pedagogy and practice in order to prepare students with future-ready skills. Fair Chance Learning will enhance InkSmith’s own professional development and curriculum offerings by collaborating as the exclusive training partner for the k8 Modular Robotics kit.

“Our team is really excited to partner and work closely with Fair Chance Learning in the years to come,” says Jeremy Hedges, Founder and President of InkSmith. “It’s always been very clear to me that we share a common vision for how we want to see education grow to support kids here in Canada and around the world”.

The InkSmith k8 Modular Robotics kit was created with the goal of providing a fun and interactive way for students to learn and explore the world of coding and robotics. Powered by another one of our highly esteemed partners, the micro:bit, the k8 robot comes equipped with two sonar sensors, three infrared sensors, and the ability to radio control with another micro:bit. By combining robotics with the micro:bit, the k8 breaks down barriers for introducing robotics in their classroom. It’s affordability and ease-of-use allows educators and students to focus on learning the curriculum with technology – not learning the technology.

“We have been eager to include robotics-driven learning into our service offerings, but until now we hadn’t found a robot or robotics partner that fit our criteria for use in education,” says Dustin Jez, Co-Founder of Fair Chance Learning, “The InkSmith k8 Modular Robotics kit breaks down barriers to integrating robotics into the classroom with its affordability and ease of while enabling greater student learning for all students”.

Fair Chance Learning and InkSmith are excited about the opportunity to leverage the k8 robot to spiralize curriculum to help students develop STEAM competencies, computational thinking, design thinking, and a range of other skills.

“If properly harnessed, robotics in the classroom fosters creativity, builds character, instills programming knowledge, and - my favourite – promotes a culture of teamwork,” says Martha Jez, Co-Founder of Fair Chance Learning. “Robotics requires a range of skills which promotes an environment for people with different talents, and allows students who might otherwise struggle to learn in a traditional classroom setting the opportunity to thrive.”

Learn how you can get started with robotics in your classroom by emailing us at info@fairchancelearning.com. For more information about InkSmith and the k8 Modular Robotics kit please visit their website.

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