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Coding to Learn with TakingIT Global

TakingIT Global moves beyond learning to code with customizable Code to Learn workshops – for FREE!

The Code to Learn program leverages coding activities to meet broad cross-curricular goals, supporting educators in diverse subject areas such as language arts, visual arts, science, social studies, and mathematics. We at Fair Chance Learning (FCL) are thrilled to support and advance this free program as it enters it’s second year thanks to the Government of Canada’s CanCode 2.0 funding.

This year, the Code to Learn workshops dive into text-based coding software, Lynx and MicroWorlds; a steppingstone for students ready to move beyond block-based coding, but not quite prepared to tackle more complex programming languages like Python or JavaScript. Lynx and MicroWorlds were developed by the world-famous company founded by Seymour Papert, the father of educational computing and the creator of the first programming language for children: Logo.

No coding experience, no problem. The customizable format of each Code to Learn workshop is designed to meet the needs and goals of those in attendance.

TakingIT Global works with our team at FCL, educators and other community members to co-design curriculum activities and coding challenges. Available to any educator in the K-12 space across Canada, Code to Learn workshops address computational thinking, coding, robotics, and 21st century skills through ½ day, full day, and two-day training opportunities.

For more information about the Code to Learn workshops email: Michael Quinn at ​michael@lynxcoding.org​,​ Peter Skillen at ​peter@codetolearn.ca  or Brenda Sherry at bsherry@takingitglobal.org.