• Fair Chance Learning

Celebrating a summer of firsts!

Adding to the list of things that remind us that summer is halfway over (which includes Staples' Back-to-School displays) is saying goodbye to our ICT SHSM Student Interns.

This summer's SHSM Student Internship program was the first internship program for high school students offered by Fair Chance Learning, as well as Ashley Nuguid and Dominique Salzar's first-ever work experience. Which meant a summer full of learning for us both!

For the past five weeks, we have been honoured to host Ashley and Dominique Salzar as our ICT-SHSM Student Interns.

These two girls brought to their internship initiative, creativity, enthusiasm and a willingness to learn - a lot! Ashley and Dominique supported our Marketing and Communications team, helping to plan and shape not just the school year ahead but also our Internship Program for many more years to come.

Before they left, Ashley and Dominique both reflected back on their time with us...

Ashley Nuguid:

"After spending a month with an amazing organization, I think it’s safe to say that this intern placement didn’t make my summer feel boring. Walking into this was a little nerve-racking, since I haven’t worked for a company online before but I was really excited to learn.

My name is Ashley Nuguid and I spent my first month of summer break as an intern for Fair Chance Learning. I’m going into grade 12, and needed to complete a co-operative placement for my ICT SHSM certificate.

I discovered Fair chance Learning when I attended an event they were holding that was affiliated with Microsoft. I approached one of their team members with my friends, and asked if they took in students for a summer placement. After meeting with Michelle, she said that she would have to discuss it with her team and see if they can make anything possible for us. Months went by until Michelle finally reached out, I got to apply for one of the two available intern positions. After sending in my resume and cover letter, a couple of days later I got an email saying that they would love to take me in. We kept in touch, and met at a local Starbucks along with my friend Dominque and talked further about how this placement was going to work.

Once July came along, I wasn’t sure what to expect, in terms of workload and use of communication. During the on-boarding week, I spent time getting to know the business and exploring them more as a company. I was introduced to Outlook and Microsoft Teams, which is what I use to communicate with Michelle and the rest of the team. I was able to get to know the company a little more and understand their vision better.

Over the past few weeks, I was able to work on my skills in Adobe illustrator. I enjoy making digital art, so I was able to strengthen these skills by making infographics, social media campaigns, newsletter outlines and posters. This was my favourite part of this placement because I was able to do work that I am good at.

I was happy that Michelle was able to teach me as much as possible, with different themes each week. She worked with us to make sure we got done what needed to be done while making sure we liked what we did. Throughout the month I did work that helped me develop skills valuable in the workplace such as; oral communication, reading, writing, planning, thinking, and computer use. This placement was able to help me develop skills and strengthen others.

At first, I struggled with managing my time wisely and keeping myself motivated to do the work after taking a long break. But I found my way around it, and got the hang of working from home.

This month spent with Fair Chance Learning flew by really fast, but I can say it has been really fun. I was able to work with a company that benefited me to the fullest and allowed me to grow my abilities. My experience here has been great and I am grateful that they were able to help me successfully complete my co-operative placement."


Dominique Salzar:

"Hi, I’m Dominique Salazar, and for the month of July I have worked with Fair Chance Learning as a summer intern. As the month comes to an end, I have learned so much and had lots of fun while working with the amazing team at Fair Chance Learning.

In the beginning, I was very nervous knowing that I would be working for an online based company like Fair Chance Learning. I was afraid of heavy workloads and miscommunication, however, my experience working online was the exact opposite. The tasks were project based, which is something I am very familiar with and communicating was simple through Microsoft Teams. The tasks given throughout the month were surprisingly interesting and fun to do. Majority of the work I did were like projects and assignments that I enjoyed in school, so I was very comfortable with handling the given tasks.

I am also very grateful to have worked with such amazing people at Fair Chance Learning, as they played a big part of my experience working as a summer intern. All of them were so friendly and understanding, and their input really helped me to continue to complete my given tasks. Work schedules were also very flexible and free, encouraging to take breaks when needed. Although, this can make working online difficult, it is very nice to be able to work on your own time.

Overall, I really enjoyed my experience as a summer intern at Fair Chance Learning. When searching for a coop placement, I was very stressed and nervous, therefore, I am very grateful to those at Fair Chance Learning whom made my coop placement a valuable learning experience."

Please join us in wishing Ashley and Dominique best of luck in their continuing learning journey!