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A Mini E2 Moment

On March 23-26, educators from around the globe were set to gather in beautiful Sydney Australia for E2 2020. Hmm gather...if we only knew what was ahead of us....

E2 offers educators the opportunity to work through problems and collaborate on projects with peers who are equally enthusiastic and ambitious in their use of technology for learning. Leaders were set to come together and participate in hands-on workshops and discussions on key topics surrounding education transformation. Understandably, as school closures were announced and social distancing norms established, E2 was postponed.

This year, the FCL team was extra excited for E2. Through partnerships with WE and Microsoft, we had the opportunity to offer a free trip to the conference. Selected to represent their countries and take the journey to Australia were Dean Younger from Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic S.B. in Ontario and Melissa Wrenchey from Washington state.

Along came COVID, out went any chance of Australia/E2 magic for Melissa or Dean.

As an organization, our initial response to COVID-19 was the FCL Staff Room Chat; an informal, unceremonious webinar series with the objective of offering educators and those in the space, a place to feel supported and inspired, while giving valuable remote learning strategies from technical know-how's to pedagogical best practices. This week we are addressing inclusive approaches to remote learning and are delighted to offer a mini E2 moment as Melissa and Dean join the chat as guests. Adding a further international, E2 vibe to this week's chat, is the inclusion of Kamaku Mbondo Felix, a Kenyan educator who was also booked to attend the conference in Sydney. FCL had the pleasure of connecting with Felix during our Hour of Code event this past December. The conversation is going to give us an opportunity to add a global context to the remote learning. We hope you'll join us!

To register for the FCL Staff Room click HERE.