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Brain Health & Wellness Day with Microsoft - A SHSM Experience

Working with Microsoft and Ontario’s SHSM program coordinators, Fair Chance Learning is building out full-day bootcamps to help SHSM students complete two of five components required to earn the SHSM designation on their diploma. These two components are:

  1. Experiential learning and career exploration activities within the sector, and

  2. Reach ahead experiences.

As part of this program, which is still in it’s pilot and infancy stages, Microsoft and Fair Chance Learning are leveraging their industry expert connections, as well as their knowledge and expertise to enhance learning for Grade 11 and 12 students in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Health and Well-being, and Business SHSM sectors.

The day consists of a hands-on learning workshop component to help them gain confidence in their ability to be successful and refine their skills. Participating students will also hear from a carefully chosen panel of industry experts, and ask them any helpful or relevant questions they may have to help them make informed choices about their future careers, education and next steps. This day of learning takes place at Microsoft Canada’s corporate office to provide experiential learning and career exploration outside of the traditional classroom setting. As part of this off-site learning experience, students will tour the facilities, with particular focus on the most relevant areas to their sector. For example, ICT sector students may focus on the Microsoft Technology Centre and Envisioning Theatre, while Business sector students may focus on the innovative layout of offices that are designed to foster collaboration and innovation white still providing quiet settings for individual work.

On April 26th, FCL had the privilege of hosting a 140 SHSM students from Peel and Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board.

The day centred on the theme of brain health and wellness, and offered students the opportunity to explore the use of technology in the field and the impact of such with experts from both the tech and healthcare sector.

The students began their day completing the Hacking STEM Brain Impact Simulator. This activity teaches the different regions of the brain and their function. After building a model of the brain, students collect real-time data using Excel on the impact the skull has on the brain when it collides. (For the juicy details of this lesson plan click here.) This Hacking STEM activity connected to a larger discussion focused on brain injury, mental health and student well-being.

Our partnerships and relationships with industry leaders provide us the opportunity to connect students with panel experts who can contribute meaningful insight and expertise around a vast array of topics. The panelists at Brain Health & Wellness Day included: Charley Truyens, a Pre-Med student from Laurentian University; Dr Susan Tory, a General Internist from Humber River Hospital; Darren Austin from Microsoft Global and Stephen Reid the director of Immersive Minds.

The panel navigated a discussion that covered the use of gamification in healthcare, how technological advancements are moving things forward from a mental health lens, and the intersection of healthcare and education, leaving students to think about their future, skills, and the impact they can have.

Our friends at Humber River Hospital also brought Pepper, the humanoid robot, who illuminates one intersection of artificial intelligence and healthcare.

Not to mention is super fun to take selfies with:

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