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Fair Chance Learning and ICTC Collaborate to Prepare Canadian Students for Digital Careers

We have exciting news! Fair Chance Learning is collaborating with the Information and Communication Technology Council (ICTC) to help better prepare Canadian students for careers in a digital future.

Together, Fair Chance Learning and ICTC are ensuring both students and educators continue their 21st century learning and digital literacy growth with four additional experiential learning events, online learning opportunity, and providing over 3,100 educational technology tools.

The Fair Chance Learning and ICTC partnership have been working together to:

  • Engage over 350 students and 400 educators across Canada

  • Build digital learning capacity within schools by distributing over 280 Makey Makey kits and 2,850 micro:bits

  • Provide free professional learning to support educators integrate coding, making and STEM education in their classrooms

  • Empower students, with an emphasis on girls, to pursue careers in STEM

  • Build digital literacy and future-ready skills within at-risk students and remote communities

“We are delighted to partner with Fair Chance Learning in helping them to deliver meaningful learning that empowers educators to embed technology in the classroom and beyond. Empowering Canada’s youth to acquire digital skills through active exploration and inquiry-based learning is pivotal in preparing Canada’s youth for tomorrow’s job market.” – Namir Anani, ICTC President & CEO

Fair Chance Learning is thrilled to expand our partnership with ICTC, to support their mission to strengthen Canadian students’ digital literacy to prepare for their careers in a technology-rich economy. Through providing free professional learning services for educators, engaging students in STEM at a young age, and equipping schools with EdTech tools, we are helping prepare the next generation of Canadians for success in their future careers. Building this partnership with the help of CanCode funding means we can impact students and educators right across our country” – Martha Jez, Co-Founder, Fair Chance Learning.

The future is digital, and together Fair Chance Learning and ICTC are helping to ensure the next generation of Canadians are digital literate and future-ready!

About Fair Chance Learning:

Fair Chance Learning is a Canadian educational technology learning services provider. They’re dedicated to providing every student a fair chance to reach their full learning potential. Fair Chance Learning provides professional learning that inspires and empowers educators to embed technology and enhance modern pedagogies in order to transform learning in the classroom.

About ICTC:

The Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC) is a centre of expertise in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) research, policy development and workforce solutions. ICTC enables industries to maintain a competitive advantage in a global market and develop Canada’s future skilled and innovative talent.

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