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MEDIA RELEASE: Canadian Educators To Use New Range of BBC micro:bit Products Following Trans-Atlanti

Fair Chance Learning Signs Agreement with UK based Kitronik

(Newmarket, Ontario) - Teachers and students in Canada will now have access to an innovative range of BBC micro:bit accessories and resources developed by one of the UK’s leading electronics companies thanks to a new distribution agreement.

Fair Chance Learning has signed a deal with Kitronik, one of the UK’s leading creators of electronics projects and BBC micro:bit accessories for educators and makers. The deal will see Fair Chance Learning, a leading professional learning provider in Canada, distribute Kitronik’s BBC micro:bit related products and teaching resources throughout Canada.

Kitronik was one of the original partner organisations involved in the BBC micro:bit project when it launched in 2015. It now works with the micro:bit Educational Foundation to distribute the pocket-sized coding device to code clubs, schools and third sector organisations around the world. Over the last three years, the firm has developed a range of BBC micro:bit accessories and teaching resources to help teachers deliver innovative and engaging lessons using the device.

The distribution agreement will enable Fair Chance Learning to provide Canadian educators with the numerous products, experience and teacher support materials Kitronik has created to ensure its effective use in schools.

Fair Chance Learning are keen to utilize Kitronik’s expertise in Canada to help the company deliver professional learning services using the BBC micro:bit, as Dustin Jez, Co-founder explains:

“The beauty of the BBC micro:bit is its connectivity and its potential for use across all STEM subject areas. It enables students to take coding away from a screen and use the device to make another device perform a function and this is an excellent way of inspiring young people to become interested in coding and digital skills.”

“Kitronik’s range of BBC micro:bit products and learning resources that it has developed since 2015 have been designed to do that. Whether it is using the device to power a buggy and control it via a smartphone app, or using it to control servos and motors for use in robotics, it is this expertise that we are delighted to make available in Canada.”

The agreement will see Fair Chance Learning importing and distributing not just micro:bit accessories but also a large number of micro:bit teaching resources. Top of the Canadian team’s shopping list is the Inventor’s Kit which will enable students to learn how to build circuits to perform useful functions and learn how to code the micro:bit to control and process input from those circuits. Other products to be distributed include the popular ‘:move mini’ buggy kit and its add-ons the tipper, bulldozer and bumper kits.

Fair Chance Learning’s mission to get students coding and actively engaged in designing products, writing programmes and being active creators rather than just end users of technology, fits perfectly with Kitronik’s own ethos based on wanting to make the fun of electronics and related knowledge and skills accessible to young people.

Kitronik co-founder and director Kevin Spurr comments, “Our agreement with Fair Chance Learning fits perfectly with the global need to create more electronics engineers. We are privileged to support the greater emphasis on computing, coding and electronics which we are now seeing. From our work with teachers, trainers and students, we can see the interest shown by young people in building their own devices, and coding. With our products helping to develop this passion, we are hopeful that we are lowering barriers to technology invention for young people, makers and developers globally.”


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Media Contacts

Kitronik Co-founders Kevin Spurr and Geoff Hampson and Fair Chance Learning CEO Dustin Jez are available for interviews and further comments. To arrange, please contact:

Chris Mitchell at RedTree PR on +00 44 115 925 5499, 0044 7743 897 748 or email Chris.Mitchell@redtreepr.com

Michelle Valtas at Fair Chance Learning on 647 838 9397 (local Canadian mumber) or email Michelle@fairchancelearning.com

About Kitronik:

Kitronik is owned and managed by two electronics graduates, Kevin Spurr and Geoff Hampson who believe that electronics should be accessible to everyone. Since forming the company in late 2005 Kitronik has continued to produce resources and products that allow teachers and hobbyists to get involved in electronics and coding. So far, the Company has inspired over 1,000,000 people to solder and build their very own electronic project (the 1,000,000 figure is based on sales of electronic kits). The company supplies directly to 3,000 UK secondary schools and also via its website.

In addition to basic electronic kits, Kitronik offer a number of products for people who want to customize their electronics. These products that can be programmed by flowchart or code to implement in their projects.

The company is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of educational e-textiles kits which allow makers to add lights to their textiles project using its Electro-Fashion range. The parts are connected using conductive thread that Kitronik has specially made and require no soldering. The extensive e-textiles resources cover all the basics as well as a wide range of projects.

Every Kitronik kit has an accompanying teaching resource pack, allowing users to not only build the kit, but to find out how it works. The resource section of its website is well received by teachers as it contains a range of tutorials, datasheets, project ideas and interactive teaching which all make the job of delivering exciting electronics manageable.

About Fair Chance Learning:

Fair Chance Learning is a Canadian educational technology learning services provider. They’re dedicated to providing every student a fair chance to reach their full learning potential. Fair Chance Learning provides professional learning that inspires and empowers educators to embed technology and enhance modern pedagogies in order to transform learning in the classroom. To learn more about Fair Chance Learning, please visit www.fairchancelearning.com.