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MEDIA RELEASE: Let’s Talk Science partners with Fair Chance Learning to deliver a Canada-wide Digita

With funding from the CanCode initiative, Let’s Talk Science and Fair Chance Learning will improve educators’ confidence and knowledge around digital skills

(London, Ontario) – National science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education partner Let’s Talk Science is partnering with leading educator professional learning provider Fair Chance Learning to offer Canadian educators a free Digital Literacy professional learning program funded through the Government of Canada’s CanCode initiative. The Digital Literacy program offers K-12 educators a transformative and sustainable approach to professional learning that builds on best practices and unlocks their potential for helping students thrive in a technology-rich world.

“Let’s Talk Science is committed to supporting educators in bringing to life meaningful and relevant learning experiences that build digital literacy for their students. We are delighted to partner with Fair Chance Learning and leverage our shared expertise in new and transformative ways to support teaching and learning,” says Bonnie Schmidt, President at Let’s Talk Science

The Digital Literacy professional learning program consists of several modules with content available for K through 12 students and educators. Each module includes a one half-day face-to-face session as well as follow-up virtual interaction opportunities. Alternate versions of the modules are available to provide access to educators in remote areas or for those who cannot attend a face-to-face session. Topics of the modules will include computational thinking, big data, design thinking, programmable devices, and the Internet of things. Every module will include insight on emerging and evolving career opportunities relevant to the topic of the module that educators can pass on to their students.

“This new program offers an innovative and sustainable approach for educators who want to develop their own digital literacy and help their students develop competencies such as computational thinking and coding,” says David Lapides, Vice President, Programs at Let’s Talk Science. “We are partnering with Fair Chance Learning to ensure that participating educators will see an increase in their confidence and capability to help their students build their digital literacy.”

“Digital Literacy, such as coding and computational thinking, are essential skills for today’s workforce and demand for digital literacy will only continue to grow” says Martha Jez, Co-Founder of Fair Chance Learning. “That’s why our team is focusing on accessibility and reach as we build out the modules and plan for the delivery of the Digital Literacy professional learning program. We want anyone who is interested in acquiring these skills the ability to do so for free.”

Fair Chance Learning is also supporting Let’s Talk Science in the release of their forthcoming action project: Living Space – exploring the optimal environmental conditions for life, which was developed with the Canadian Space Agency. Fair Chance Learning will be providing a professional learning module specifically designed to help educators run the project in their classrooms and shipping micro:bits for the Living Space project.

The Digital Literacy professional learning program is available in select provinces and territories across Canada beginning July 2018, with more being added as funding becomes available. For more information please contact Let’s Talk Science or Fair Chance Learning. Educators who wish to pre-register for the Digital Literacy professional learning sessions can visit www.fairchancelearning.com/digitalliteracyprogram to sign up. For more information on the Living Space action project, and to pre-resister, please visit letstalkscience.ca/livingspace.


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About Let’s Talk Science:

Let’s Talk Science is a national charitable organization committed to inspiring and empowering Canadian youth to develop the skills they need to participate and thrive in an ever-changing world. To accomplish this, Let’s Talk Science offers a comprehensive suite of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) based programs to support youth, educators and volunteers across Canada. For more information about Let's Talk Science, visit www.letstalkscience.ca.

About Fair Chance Learning:

Fair Chance Learning is a Canadian educational technology learning services provider. They’re dedicated to providing every student a fair chance to reach their full learning potential. Fair Chance Learning provides professional learning that inspires and empowers educators to embed technology and enhance modern pedagogies in order to transform learning in the classroom. To learn more about Fair Chance Learning, please visit www.fairchancelearning.com.