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Open Invitation: Microsoft Leadership Speaking Series

Join us for our Leadership Speaking Series on Tuesday October 10th at 7 p.m.!

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The topic for this event is Pedagogical Documentation. Our Expert Panel will be discussing how educators recognize and collect evidence of students thinking and learning. We will also consider how students can take ownership for their learning. We will seek to identify the conditions where assessment practices allow for growth and improvement in not only knowledge acquisition but global competencies like collaboration, critical thinking and communication skills. Finally we will consider the digital tools that support capturing learning when and where it happens.

We are honoured to have Canadian Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert Fellows Ian Fogarty, and Jenn Montgomery as well as Heather Hickey on this evening's expert panel. You can look forward to learning their insights and thoughts of pedagogical documentation as they reflect upon and share their experience in collecting evidence of student learning and building teacher capacity around this topic.

We'll also be joined by Mike Tholfsen, Principal Product Manager on the Microsoft Education Global Team to provide insights on the Microsoft Tools available to Educators and Students to assist in their documentation. Mike will also listen to your thoughts so Microsoft may better support your pedagogical documentation needs.

Get to know your Expert Panel

Ian teaches Chemistry, Physics and Science at Riverview High School, in New Brunswick. He aims to “grows brains” using science content rather than teach units. Ian has long been leveraging technology to change the way that students learn, and is the recipient of numerous national and international awards, including the Prime Minister’s Award for Excellence in Teaching.

Jenn Montgomery is a Teacher-Librarian in a K-8 School in Durham District School Board. She works with teachers and students to increase digital literacy, and embed technology into teaching and learning. Jenn loves sharing her excitement and knowledge of OneNote and Skype-in-the-Classroom with her school community.

Heather is an academic consultant with a focus on innovative pedagogy and technology. She has worked with educators globally supporting the use of digital tools to improve student learning. She is passionate about using technology for documenting student learning, assessment practices and the inquiry process.

Mike Tholfsen is a Principal Product Manager on the Microsoft Education team focusing on Learning Tools and OneNote Class/Staff Notebooks, and Microsoft Teams for Education. He is passionate about education and has been regularly working with students and teachers around the world over the past ten years to create products that improve student outcomes.

I look forward to moderating this Leadership Speaking Series and connecting with you all there.

Martha Jez

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