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FCL goes beyond the Hour of Code

In the last three years, the teacher-powered Hour of Code movement has introduced 100 million students in over 180 countries to computer science. Of course, we at FCL wanted to be a part of the Hour of Code movement - breaking stereotypes and paradigms around coding and spreading the message that anyone can learn to code.

Computer science knowledge is necessary for today's students. Every 21st-century student should have the opportunity to learn how to create technology and contribute to the field that is changing every industry across the globe. The basics of computer science also help nurture creativity and problem-solving skills in students. Yet, many schools don't teach computer science as it isn't mandated in the ministry's curriculum. The Hour of Code is changing that.

To help in the Hour of Code's mission, we at FCL are proud to partner with Code.org and the Micro:bit Educational Foundation. By equipping 150 Canadian classes with over 1,500 micro:bits we hope to get schools started with teaching computer science on a more regular basis. To further support educators and encourage them to go beyond the Hour of Code, FCL has also provided those educators with a webinar. This webinar introduces the micro:bit to Canadian educators and discusses it's potential in the classroom.

We're excited to offer the recording of that webinar to help get you started teaching computer science in your classroom. Enjoy!

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